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Fence Wings

We make a wide variety of Fence-Wings for use on jumping courses, as different countries have preferred options for design of wings.

We manufacture to individual clients needs to incorporate selected styles. English style half wings are available for Training Establishments.

All support posts used in the ‘Barriers’ fence wings are wooden and hidden inside the upright posts; this ensures that in the event of serious impact the wing will collapse and there will be no metal angle iron stakes remaining exposed that could cause injury to a horse or jockey.

All PVC parts are manufactured using high grade, virgin, UV stabilised & impact modified materials. Barriers International offers a warranty on all PVC extrusions providing the systems are installed by Barriers approved contractors. All individual parts carry a two year warranty against manufacturing defects. For further information and detailed maintenance schedules please refer to our maintenance manual.

Product Specification
Post spacingN/A
Areas of useJumping courses

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