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Post Safety Fuse

Barriers has developed the PostFuse, one of the most important safety devices in the sport of horse racing. It transforms workplace safety for jockeys.

In the simplest form the PostFuse allows the post to “kick” away from the ground at impact from a falling jockey. This is illustrated in the adjacent videos, preventing serious injury to the jockey. The running rail can be easily and quickly be reset to continue racing.

Barriers produced the PostFuse in response to the Australian racing authorities requesting the use of a break-away post in all new Running Rail systems. The PostFuse meets this requirement:

  • It is a single unit
  • Fits our standard Ground Fixings
  • Is cost effective
  • Can be fitted retrospectively
  • Is simple to install

Following an intensive test program at the Autoliv Laboratories, in Melbourne, Australia, overseen and evaluated by DV Experts, the Barriers ‘PostFuse’ is approved for use on Australian Racecourses.

The Barriers PostFuse is covered by an Australia registered design.

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