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Pro-Rail is Barrier’s oval design running rail for horse & camel racing and training facilities, and is adaptable for all racing surfaces globally. Manufactured using re-cyclable, virgin polymers enabling tight controls on the manufacturing process.


Pro-Rail has an innovative ‘T’ connector which connects the rail to the oval swan-neck support posts. This ingenious strengthening in the ‘T’ Connector provides a sure and reliable connection. As in all Barrier’s designs Pro-Rail has smooth edges for safety and is designed to reduce the impact on a horse or jockey.

The ‘T’ connector covers the rail joint keeping the expansion joint clean. The moulded rail insert guarantees that, at the rail joints, a smooth and unencumbered expansion and contraction of the rails is facilitated by extreme temperature fluctuations wherever the system is installed in the world.

As with all of Barriers’ systems Pro-Rail is easily configurable and can be installed in all surfaces. Several GroundFixing options are available.

All parts, T connectors, swan-neck posts and rails are compatible for use with other products and can be set up for many uses including course divisions.

Safety and Regulation

As with all Barriers’ products, all parts are manufactured using re-cyclable virgin polymers enabling tight controls on the formula and production of the uPVC. Every batch is tightly controlled and products are tested to ensure the strength and integrity of the product.  Approved by governing bodies around the world, including The British Horseracing Authority (BHA), France Galop and Racing Victoria.

Pro-Rail is available as standard in white. It is also available in brown and green (or any colour). Brown and green are aesthetically pleasing in rural landscapes and can support visual impact requirements for planning applications.

Please note.
The size of Pro-Rail 
is compatible with racing rails produced by other manufacturers.

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