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Pro Rail

Our newly designed PVC pro rail is an improved oval design running rail, selling very well in the Middle East and USA.

Produced following many requests from Clients in the Middle East and Europe, this improved adaptation of the oval running rail is similar to that manufactured by one of our competitors.

Barriers has recently delivered 19,000 metres of the improved rail design to Clients in Qatar; Barriers has received a similar order for a second project (16,600 metres) in the region. Also the first delivery has now been made to the US and received with great interest.

The new rail is manufactured using virgin polymers enabling tight controls on the manufacturing process. The major design change in the system is to the ‘T’ Connector which joins the rail to the support post. Our newly designed ‘T’  is compatible with the current support post.

Please note.
Barriers International will soon be offering the Barriers ‘Pro-Rail’ system to clients in the UK. The sizes of Pro-Rail are exactly comparable to the currently available system offered by one of our competitors. Barriers believes that on orders for substantial quantities there will be a price advantage. 

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