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Our racing rails are the safer choice

The arrival of autumn sees horse racing switch from flat turf racing to steeplechase action, from now until the spring. In the Middle East, camel racing also launches this month, with remote controlled electronic jockeys, with racing fixtures until April. 

Whatever racing you are in the business of Barriers International can supply you with the racing rails to help keep the sport safer for both animal and rider.  

What type of safety barrier might be best for you?  

Our two most popular racing rails are the Premier Rail and our Pro Rail

Our Premier Rail is our top of the range racing rail, using swan-neck posts. It withstands the pressure of a racehorse, camel or a falling jockey. On impact, the system will guide and support the animal. The rail will flex, disperse the weight then return to its original position, thanks to the expansion joints incorporated at every rail intersection. Our design does not use metal strengthening above ground making it a safer choice

Our Pro Rail is a newly designed PVC rail, which we produced following many requests from clients in the Middle East and Europe. The new racing rail is manufactured using virgin polymers enabling tight controls on the manufacturing process. The major design change in the system is to the ‘T’ Connector which joins the rail to the support post. Should you already have some of our original product, this new design is compatible. 

We have recently delivered 19,000 metres of this improved racing fencing to clients in Qatar; Barriers has received a similar order for a second project (16,600 metres) in the region. Also, the first delivery of Pro Rail has been made to the US and looks great in its new home at the Tyrone Thoroughbred training centre in Kentucky.  

We’re happy to be able to confirm that Barriers International will soon be offering the Barriers ‘Pro-Rail’ system to clients in the UK, and when placing a larger order with us, there will be a price advantage. 

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