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Happy new year of racing!

January is the month when horseracing gets to showcase itself to the world. A quick glance at the racing line up for January shows a daily line up of both flat and jump racing across the UK racecourses this month. Many of these courses have been supplied with barriers from Barriers International over the years, ensuring the sports barriers have not just longevity but also safety top of mind.  

Using the latest materials and manufacturing techniques, our sports barrier and racing fencing designs are flexible, safe, durable and strong; made to the highest specification using high-grade, virgin, UV stabilised polymers. All the parts have a round profile, which makes this system stronger than square or oval profiles and there are no sharp edges to cause lacerations. Our contemporary design in fencing for equestrian or agricultural use; unlike timber alternatives, provides maintenance free fencing with the ability to withstand extreme weather conditions.  

At Barriers International we have always put safety at the heart of our design development. Since our earliest days we have consulted widely with experts from many sports to ensure our racing fencing and barrier systems are safe, adaptable and fit for purpose. All Barriers products are tested to ensure compliance to the international standard, where required. Testing is carried out in the factory test laboratory on each and every manufacturing run, so every batch is guaranteed to meet our standards. 

If you feel your racetrack needs a barriers upgrade, get in touch with us for a free no obligation quote.